Post Surgery Rehabilitation

After surgery you may require specific rehabilitation, e.g. for tendon or ligament repair. We work with the surgical team to follow the surgeons protocol to take you back to full health.
It may be difficult to get to a clinic after discharge from hospital so treatment at home makes life easier
After any surgical procedure you may be debilitated and need a graduated exercise programme to get back to full strength.

Post Fracture

After fractures, it is always necessary to increase strength, stamina and balance to regain full function. Treatment at home allows exercise programmes to be supervised in your environment to ensure speedy resumption of activities and hobbies that are important to you.

Joint Replacement

The best outcomes from joint replacement surgery depend on mobility and strengthening exercises. It can be very helpful to build up strength prior to surgery as this will make the post-op rehabilitation quicker and easier..


Exercise therapy is an important part of the management of osteopaenia and osteoporosis. Both weight bearing exercise and weight resisted exercise may be appropriate, but it is important that exercise is done safely and is at a suitable level for each individual. We can devise an exercise programme for you which can be done at home and can help maintain or improve bone density and balance.

Mobility and Fitness

Use it or lose it! Do you need to improve your fitness? Research shows that muscle strength can be improved at any age with the right type of exercise. So whether you are a twenty something about to embark on a fitness programme or an eighty something hoping to improve mobility and independence we can prescribe a programme to suit you.

Arthritis and Rheumatology

It is well known that exercise is essential if you have a diagnosis of arthritis or a rheumatological condition. But where to start? It is easy to aggravate these conditions with the wrong type of exercise. We have many years of experience in prescribing graded exercises to maintain and improve strength and mobility and to help manage painful conditions.