Edwin M – Telehealth

Having had a total knee replacement just as the country went into lockdown for corona virus I was at a loss as to how to organise my badly needed physio sessions. I knew about Physio2u as they had treated my father at home so I contacted Helen and she advised telehealth appointments were shown to be very effective. These were a great success as she was able to assess my needs and prescribe appropriate but challenging exercises which were followed up with written instructions plus video illustrations. After 6 sessions I have grown in flexibility, mobility and most importantly confidence. I am now ready to navigate the world again thanks to Physio2u!

Lisa C – Orthotics

Having suffered heel spurs and knee pain for months I really thought my walking days were over. That was until Anne from Physio2u arranged custom made orthotics for me by taking a cast of my feet. Within a week my made – to – measure orthotics arrived and I haven’t looked back since! Thanks to Anne I’m back pounding the streets and hills of Dublin!

Liam S – Low Back Pain / Sciatica

They are truly brilliant! I have been a patient of Physio2u for the last 8 months. The practice, and Helen in particular, have been exemplary in their treatment of me. Helen demonstrated a deep medical knowledge and clear understanding of my back and leg pain. At all times Helen provided physiotherapy treatment in an extremely professional, caring and – ultimately and most importantly- successful manner. The fact that Physio2u come to your house was invaluable to me as I was not in a position to travel during my convalescence. Her intervention resulted in a full recovery – surpassing all my expectations. I am extremely grateful to Helen and Physio2u for what they have done, and would strongly advise anyone seeking physiotherapy treatment to avail of their services. Their intervention has been life changing for me.

Thelma S – Fracture elbow and wrist.

Anne has been inspirational to me. I thought I would never get proper use of my arm again, after a fall abroad. Broke my wrist/elbow and damaged 2 nerves – had surgery while away, and when fit to travel back to Dublin, my son organised home physio for me. From first visit to last, exactly 4 months later, Anne helped change my life. After gentle physio, showing me which way to do my exercises, with her patience and kindness each week, I am a different person. Am still working by myself at my exercises every day, and will keep them up. I recommend Physio2u to anyone who has had an injury – they will get you back on track!

Mary C – Neck Pain

Having had a stiff and sore neck on and off for over 2 years, I am delighted with my movement after just 3 sessions with Helen. She is thorough, kind and patient and the convenience of having her call to my home is wonderful for me a busy mum.

Catherine H – Total Knee Replacement

After successful surgery for total knee replacement I give credit for my excellent recovery to Helen from Physio2u. I could walk normally (carefully) after 6 weeks and drive.I was made aware of the importance of the exercises and could see the improvement each week.

John B – Parkinsons

I discovered Physio2u at a time when I was having increasing difficulty in driving to get physiotherapy treatment. I have found being able to have my treatment in my own house has saved me a lot of the pain I got during travelling and increases the time available for treatment. I had become very immobile and was having a lot of pain sitting. I am now happy to say that my physiotherapy at home has enabled me to be more active. I am also sitting for longer periods which allows me to take trips out in the car. My walking distance has improved a lot and I am looking forward to doing things I enjoy.

Richard McM – Fractured Hip

Physio2u got me walking again following a fractured hip. I was discharged from a convalescence home struggling to walk with a frame. My wife doesnt drive so we luckily heard about Physio2u which suited my situation perfectly. I was given strengthening and balance exercises which were changed on each visit. My carer was taught how to do these too which helped me do the programme every . I am delighted with how well I have done. I am back walking with a stick and driving so can enjoy getting back to my life. My wife says I now walk better than I did before my fall! I would highly recommend being treated at home as I recovered so quickly.

Barbara W – Total Hip Replacement

After successful surgery for a total hip replacement and two weeks in a convalescent centre, I received outstanding care and advice for my on-going physiotherapy from Helen Cooney, who worked with me at home, when I was house bound.
Low-key, gentle but firm, she helped me to regain confidence and to improve my gait.
At a later point, she recommended that I continue my exercises in the local pool and actually got into the pool with me, to show me how to proceed.
I cannot speak too highly of her professionalism and thoughtfulness. I have already recommended Physio2u to several of my friends and can testify unreservedly as to the overall excellence of this organisation.