On Site Physiotherapy Treatments

We provide on-site physiotherapy treatment for musculoskeletal problems. This avoids the loss of time travelling to and from a clinic. Treatments include manual therapy exercise therapy soft tissue treatment and dry needling.

Postural Neck and Back Pain

Postural neck and back pain can be a problem in work settings particularly where workers are in fixed postures for long periods eg at a computer terminal. A simple exercise programme at the desk can minimise the effects of prolonged sitting and prevent longer term problems which can develop eg complex regional pain syndrome previously known as repetitive strain injury RSI.

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic assessments provide a means of setting up the workplace to suit the physical requirements of the worker. We check desk and chair height and computer terminal positioning to find the optimal settings for the office worker to help prevent postural problems.

Screening for Injury Prevention

Screening for injury prevention allows potential problem areas to be identified and managed before problems become chronic.